Planting my first post

In which I awkwardly impart the following information:

1. Hi. This is my blog. Welcome! Please, make yourself comfortable. Grab a chair. Fix a drink. Put on some light jazz (if that’s what you’re into). Pet a llama (if that is also what you’re into)*. This is as much your space as it is mine. But this is also not MySpace, so let’s not get confused.

2. This particular blog is going to be about science (don’t stop reading).

3. Yes, I know. Really I do. I know you might be feeling just a bit apprehensive. In fact, you might be feeling a lot apprehensive. After all, it’s SCIENCE (cue “Jaws” theme, or anything else that inspires an equally and inappropriately horrified reaction in you). It’s the thing that sends my friends majoring in the humanities (and, strangely, some fellow psychology majors) running with ears covered, eyes closed, all senses blocked lest a stray molecule of scientific thought creeps in through some secret crevice to confuse them to the point of weeping hysteria.

But I’m not here to send you into a fit of weeping hysteria.

I’m here in pursuit of the “aha!” moment.

I’m here because, in 99% of the cases in which I’m trying to explain a scientific concept to someone, they end up getting it. Not only that, but they’re also really proud of the fact that they get it. And when that happens, they want to explain it to anyone who will listen. Why, you might be curious to know? Spoiler alert: it’s because science is AWESOME.

I love it when people come to realize that science doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be wacky, inspiring, funny, beautiful, terrifying, breathtaking, bold, and sometimes downright strange. And of course, it can be incredibly complex. But here’s some food for thought: you’re incredibly complex, too. That funny object sitting between your ears? It’s what’s allowing you to see all of these symbols and make sense of them as letters, words, sentences, and then finally concepts, thoughts, and ideas – all without you having to put much effort into it. And that’s only the beginning of what your mind is capable of. How’s that for complexity?

So, if you’re game (and I hope you are), let’s set out together in search of the “aha!” moment. Bit by bit, post by post, I’m hoping to make science seem just a little less daunting. And if you already love science? Keep up the excellent work. Go forth and inspire others to love it, too. Fact-check my posts. Perhaps you’ll find some interesting pieces of information here, as well!

I’m just starting out with this science writing thing, so any and all feedback is quite welcome. If you find something confusing or think I may be misinformed on a topic, let me know and I can have some “aha!” moments about my own writing and storytelling. Likewise, if you really enjoy something on here, please tell me! I’d love to know what excites and inspires you, too.

Oh, and the 1% of people who don’t know what I’m talking about when I’m trying to explain some scientific concept? It’s because I wasn’t explaining it well in the first place.

That’s all for today. But check back soon because I’ll be sure to be procrastinating for final exams post more later this week!

Cheers to new ideas,


*Side note: if you are the owner of a llama, I’d very much like to meet you.


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